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USC is a new charity speedrun event focused on bringing more entertainment to the table!

Each year's Championship Race will be themed by a different game!


The entire event is structured like a WWE/UFC event with commentators, stinger transitions, interviews, etc. It's a comedy focused event aimed to bring everyone together and raise money for some great causes!

In-Person or Online?

As of now, USC will be mainly remote runs. So it'll be easy for anyone to submit! Hopefully, in the future, we can bring the chaos of USC to the main stage.


So you can expect a lot of one-on-one gags, goofy interviews, live gameplay from top runners, and more!

Next year we are hoping to open the event up to the public so everyone can come out and watch it all LIVE! Not only that, but you can practice and learn with other runners!

How is it structured?

USC is structured like other similar speedrun events. The main difference is the presentation and personality of this event. 


The event is primarily hosted by the main two, Shemp and Dylan. USC leans heavily into the WWE inspiration by going above and beyond to showcase the entertaining side of speedrunning. 

Everything is presented with professionally made stinger transitions, title cards, runner promo packages, etc.

USC is mainly active for 3 DAYS. The FINAL day is the Championship Race. Each year's race is going to be themed after a different game/genre with specifically picked runners to showcase amazing performances for the USC Trophies!

What can I do to help?

A lot actually! If you're a runner, consider Submitting a run before the deadline!

If you're a viewer, spread the word! This is a big event and we're really hoping for an amazing turnout in terms of what we raise and how many people tune in! All proceeds are going to the charities!

If you want news updates, be sure to follow us on X and BlueSky for important updates!

What can I submit?


USC follows Twitch's List of Prohibited Games. Any other games we decide are unfit will be placed here.


We greatly encourage mod submissions! USC 1 had the Mario Odyssey Moveset mod for SM64 and the Scooby-Doo/Big Bouncing Bunnies mod for Spyro Reignited.

Anything you can think of that can bring more fun to the event is recommended.

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